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Meat Cutting Machine
Meat Cutting Machine

1.5" Welding Elbow
1.5" Welding Elbow

Sugar Cane Peeler

Sugar Cane Peeler

This product is custom made.  The number one choice of institutions that prepare sugarcane stalks for extraction for retail or commercial uses, such as sugarcane fields, and facilities which extract high volume cane juice.

This Peeler is a freestanding floor model.  It is built with the hardest steel material and most precise engineered design working parts. There are 40 pieces of 1 square inch harden steel rotating blades to strip the cane stalk.  This reduces the labor intensive hand-peeling process in irregular shaped cane stalks. The Peeler is operated by electrical ½ HP motor, which provides a quiet and smooth operation. It is simple to operate and extremely easy to clean.  This particular model is the fastest and most efficient machine available in the market.

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Sugar Cane Peeler
Sugar Cane Peeler
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